Property Management

Management and optimization of third party buildings and portfolios with skilled professionals wherever we invest, we offer a wide experience in residential portfolio optimization

BMB offers the following services:

  • Lease management of empty units
  • Lease contract terms optimization in line with the market rates
  • Non-performing tenant management. Negotiation, evictions, court cases, …
  • Negotiation, contract and supervision of all outsourced advisors (agents, lawyers, project managers, property managers, etc.)
  • Legal care of the investments
  • Search, negotiation and management of third party contractors for building/flat refurbishments
  • We always work in close collaboration with our local property manager. In Berlin, BERES GmbH works on an exclusive basis for BMB managing all day-to-day

Full Refurbishment

BMB manages the refurbishment of all portfolio units.

  • More than 300 units refurbished in Berlin
  • Façade refurbishment in more than 20 buildings
  • Change of use of units

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